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Origins of Fabric

An intrinsic trial on handloom and powerloom

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The Craftsmanship

An ode to the Incredible craft heritage of the nation

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Goodness of Silk

Saving the techniques of weaving for the next generation

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The Art tales

The frescos depicting mythology and legendary of all time

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The Earthiness

A tribute to the Artisanal handicrafts and the culture behind them

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The Self-Help movement

A weapon to drive the nation towards development

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Saree - the most beautiful attire, a timeless fashion, which refuses to retire


The long trail of cloth that oozes vigor and strength!

Sheer Elegance

The shimmer, the glitter and sequins on it, never overpower the struggles woven within!




From Our Blog

"Kalamkari" - An ode to the folklore of India

If there is an art that is as old as India's heritage, then it is "Kalamkari". Kalamkari is an intricate piece of art, that is in the hands of few families around SriKalahasthi, Chittoor District, AndhraPradesh, India, who had for generations 

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Journey to the handloom village of Uppada

Uppada a small coastal village on the shores of Bay of Bengal is located in East Godavari District of AndhraPradesh. The village houses 3000 families, where the prime source of income for most of the families is weaving

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Our Team

Snigdha, CEO

A countrys growth is adorned by its rural counterparts and the heritage they carry. At FeminineIndia we bring you the sweat and blood of rural Indian craftsmanship. .

Murali, Kalamkari Artisan

We are contributing to sustain the art that is already forgotten. .

Nirmala, SICO Weaver

We were once a family of 1000 weavers, and not even 100 today. People move out in search of daily labour. .

Lakshmi, Weaver

I weave because this is my bread and butter. I am 65 years old. At FeminineIndia we bring you the sweat and blood of rural Indian craftsmanship .

Vimal, SelfHelp Artisan

If not us, who would preserve the tradition and art for the next generation. .